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"Dr. D provided practical tips, valuable lessons, experience and research-based knowledge … As a result, the Boeing Women In Leadership Association is significantly more empowered with the skills needed to advance their own leadership development within the company, thus increasing their contribution to the success of the company's business initiatives as well as their own personal career satisfaction….the tools and lessons provided were of immense value…
Gail Hansen
Former President, Boeng Women in Leadership Association

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Transform your mindset. Shift your habits. Change your life.

  • Become the CEO of your own life
  • Discover your life's mission and live it.
  • Transform negative attitudes, habits & beliefs.
  • Let go of self doubt and become a great leader.
  • Learn self assessment tools to make positive changes.
  • Find success in whatever you set your mind to.

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Transform your attitudes. Change your Habits. Upgrade your Life.

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27 powerful lessons & exercises in self leadership, interpersonal leadership and influence leadership that will transform who you are and how you show up.

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27 transformational lessons in self leadership that will guide you to become the CEO of your own life.

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27 thought-provoking exercises that will lead you to transform your mindset, attitudes, beliefs and habits.

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Find strength and courage in community to look within and make the necessary changes to achieve transformation.

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Meet Dr. Deidre "D" Anderson

Dr. Deidre “D” Anderson is an award-winning writer and leadership coach who travels the world inspiring people from all walks of life to break through barriers and achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. A sought-after motivational speaker and trainer, Dr. “D” is committed to helping others discover their purpose and maximize their potential. She is president and CEO of Trailblazers, a leadership consulting firm, and the founder and executive director of Women Empowered, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women become the best leaders that they can be.

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I am extremely grateful to have been given the chance to spend a year benefitting from Dr. D’s guidance. As a direct result of her guidance and expertise I am able to look past whatever obstacles I find myself facing, and to uncover the underlying causes of negative outcomes or mess-ups, and then map how the situation developed. She taught me that the understanding only helps if you are ready to go in and find a solution. Dr. D is, without doubt, one of the smartest people I have ever met, and the most inspiring. She is a benefit to our organization.
Allegra D. Levy
Business Account Executive, Verizon Wireless
She [Dr. D] gives practical advice and actions that can be taken by women to find their voice and courage to be different and confidence in the value they contribute. I have personally benefitted, and have also seen other women grow…as well. I have also seen Dr D’s coaching sessions on emotions be instrumental in starting the turnaround process needed in difficult employees who have expressed a desire to change - both men and women. Her programs are invaluable… at VZW as we lead our employees …to [becoming] a more diverse, higher performing organization.
Abby Knowles
Emerging New Manager Verizon Wireless

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